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And in the milestone department...

It's official -- I have all the relevant reservations made for my 30-oddth college reunion next month.  (It's "-oddth" because the college has combined my class with the next two in line, so we have a three-year swath of classmates showing up.)

While I've kept up with news of the college over the years, and been to a number of alumni events locally (last weekend's Shakespeare trip was also an alumni tour), I believe this will be only my second trip back to campus since I graduated.  That is much too long, and I am very much looking forward to seeing both the school and the returning classmates.
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Aug. 8th, 2014 07:39 am (UTC)
Both email and a print postcard; I do intend to go, assuming I can get the contact-person to tell me which of two amounts to put on the relevant check. (I am bemused at actually having to break out the checkbook; I think in the three years or so I've had the present account, I've written at most two prior paper checks.)

Meanwhile, here's hoping for rapid progress with respect to the recovery-from-surgery. I have been amazingly lucky to date in having avoided major illness/injury as an adult, so I can't truthfully say that I have felt your pain...but I can still empathize, and I hope you're back to something approaching normal sooner rather than later.
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