John (djonn) wrote,

The writer lives!! [Also, news!]

No, I have not been eaten by a grue. In fact, life here in Darkest Suburbia may finally be settling down somewhat (I can actually see most of my office floor now, which was not true for much of last year).

More specific slices of life will be forthcoming, I promise. Just now, however, I need to pass along an offer from my e-publishers at Uncial Press:
from The Uncial Letter (January 2019)

If you are a US Government employee on unpaid leave, we owe you a free read. Browse through our offerings. And then write to us and tell us which one of our titles you'd like and what format you want (epub, mobi, or pdf). Only one apiece, please.
In absolute terms, this is a small gesture on Uncial's part, but I'm pleased and proud to be a part of it (even as it appears the current shutdown may be about to conclude), and I hope that any of you caught in this situation will take advantage of the opportunity. There are a host of talented writers with work available through Uncial Press, and you shouldn't be disappointed no matter what you might choose to try.
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